Friday, 30 January 2015

I have a list of a few of the best award-winning restaurants in London that I want to try this year and Alyn Williams at The Westbury was one of them. I took advantage of having my lovely friend in town this week to try it out for lunch and it certainly did not disappoint! 

To start our 1 Michelin Star experience, we were served an amuse-bouche: Fried Risotto Balls, which the waiter warned us, were 'very hot'. As we tried one each, we could definitely have had a few more! It was delicious!! The Risotto Ball was perfectly round, golden, with a fantastic crunch texture in the mouth as you bite into it and then, the soft and smooth risotto inside which was seasoned with a touch of truffle oil was simple perfection. Having just one of these was just a mean mean tease! 

For starters, we both had the Chicken Wings with Sweet and Sour Pepper Glaze served with cauliflower and it was so full of flavours and so delicious! The Chicken wings were very carefully cut with their bones removed to suit the gourmet experience however, I was quite unlucky to get some broken bones in mine... ah! ... it happens ...

For Mains, I had the Confit Pork Belly served with Stuffed Onion over a bed of creamy grains and pickled mustard. Everything on my dish was beautifully placed and looked very appetising. The pickled mustard sauce over the pork belly was amazing and they went really well together. It was a really tasty dish! As for N, she opted for the fish option, which was the Roasted Cod served with brandade, golden beets, parsley and vanilla. I had a little taste of her dish and it was a wonderful combination of fresh ingredients on a plate. Yumm!

Finally for dessert, we decided to try both desserts on the menu which were the Pineapple Upside Down Cake served with Clotted cream and the second one, the Manjari Chocolate Delice served with candied orange and buttermilk. The Pineapple upside down cake was hands down my favourite one! Served slightly warm, the sponge was perfectly cooked, so soft and moist with a bit of crunchiness where the caramel baked with the sponge cake. It was heavenly! The Manjari Chocolate Delice was more like a chocolate mousse. Very rich and heavy, hence the small portion on the plate which made sense. This second dessert was a tiny let down compared to our other courses but overall, we had a lovely experience and our tastebuds were definitely spoilt during this lunch! 

Thank you Chef Alyn Williams for making such amazing concoctions for us. 

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