Wednesday, 4 February 2015
02 . 02 . 2012

It's been three years since hubby and I said "I Do" at our civil wedding ceremony held in London. 
How time flies... 

To celebrate our Leather Wedding Anniversary, we treated ourselves to a lovely fine dining experience "en tete-a-tete" at Roux at The Landau at The Langham Hotel. 

After being seated in a beautiful dining room, our waiter welcomed us very politely and served us a complimentary amuse bouche from the Chef. It was a choux pastry filled in with a creamy and cheesy sauce which was quite tasty to start our evening. 

We were then offered a selection of warm 'homemade' bread to choose from and with such a wide selection ... it was difficult to choose! Olive bread or Fig bread? Or both? (and they had more to choose from...) I decided to go with the Olive bread. 

 Simple bread and butter is always the best to start your appetite and especially with fresh warm bread, it is hard not to keep asking for more! 

For my starter, I chose to have the Seared Salmon, Monk's beard and anchoiade. The salmon was cooked perfectly with a delicious crispy skin but I was a bit disappointed with the dressing because with the 'anchoiade' mentioned on the menu, I had expected a kick of saltiness which sadly wasn't there. But overall, a nice starter.

Hubby had the White onion soup, Smoked cod roe and Nori seaweed. The Onion soup was lovely and creamy and what I assume were the Smoked cod roe and Nori seaweed, were served separately like an accompaniment to the soup.

Then came our Mains ...

Again, I opted for the fish option: Hake, calcots, Romesco and Buttered Hazelnuts. Beautifully presented, the dish was as described on the menu. However, I thought the fish was slightly overcooked because it was a bit dry to eat with the thick and pasty Romesco sauce, but I did enjoy the grilled calcots on the side! 

As for Hubby, he went for the Glazed beef feather blade, Roquefort feuillete and sweetheart cabbage.  

His dish looked very appetising! Not being a cheese fan, he scraped the Roquefort cheese to the side and enjoyed all the rest of the dish. Beef was soft and tender and everything else was delicious. 

For dessert, we shared a selection of ice cream and sorbets. From left to right:
 Blueberry Sorbet - Mango Sorbet - Vanilla Ice Cream
All three flavours were amazing! 

For our second dessert, we had the Spiced carrot cake, Passion fruit meringue with Cream Cheese Ice Cream. The carrot cake was rather small (for a dessert lover like me!) and for my taste, nothing extraordinary. The Passion fruit meringue was nice but I was more interested in the sorbets and how amazing the Vanilla ice cream was! 

To end our romantic experience, our waiter came with our coffee and with a smile placed a platter of petit fours wishing us :
Happy Anniversary
I always love it when restaurants add these nice little gestures to show they care. . .

Overall, Roux at The Landau was a very pleasant dining experience. I must admit that I had slightly higher expectation of the food even though it was a Menu du Jour, but the surrounding was nice, the service was excellent and we had a lovely evening! 

" Happy Anniversary Hubby! I love you!" 


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