Wednesday, 11 March 2015
- The Dessert Bar at Pollen Street Social -

So as I was saying on my previous post, after finishing our Main course in the Main restaurant, we made our way to the Dessert Bar to have a different type of experience. 

After our wonderful lunch at the window table at Pollen Street Social, we moved to the Dessert Bar as recommended by the Maitre d'hôte to have our desserts. It definitely gave a different experience and we enjoyed sitting on high stools at the bar watching the Chefs setting up and delicately plating each desserts with the greatest of care.

As we waited for our desserts, we were served a delicious, light and beautiful palate cleanser which left us wanting for more! If I remember well, it was rhubarb sorbet, topped with a zingy lime and ginger flavoured foam and topped with a fine crumble. 

Then for our desserts, we shared the *NEW* Beetroot and blood orange sorbet, hibiscus apple and candied beetroot and The Dark Chocolate, honey and chestnut ganache, sweet potato and burnt orange sorbet. Both delicious, although their newest creation with beetroot was the star dessert. 

After finishing our desserts, to end our gastronomic experience, we were served a selection of their mignardises which we could not resist even though we were pretty stuffed at that point!

All three options were fantastic! The mini cones with white chocolate balls filled with sorbet, chocolate filled meringue and cute mini financier. 

All was devoured as we watched the Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton working his magic in the main kitchen on our right. 

To our surprise, at some point (when we were not expecting it...) he came over to the dessert bar to have a word with the Dessert Chefs, and that's when my friend Nat bravely asked him if we could have a picture with him. He came across as extremely friendly and invited us to his kitchen for the photo. I was a little star struck to say the least. He is after all an acclaimed Michelin Starred Chef and Restaurateur! 

What a great day it was at Pollen Street Social! 
We will definitely be going back not only for the food, but for the wonderful experience that it has to offer. 

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