Friday, 26 June 2015

Now that I am back in London, the food adventure continues...  Summer days in London are incredible as the sun doesn't set until 9.30pm- 10pm and it feels great to be able to enjoy the day till so late. 

First Friday night back, hubby and I strolled along South Bank, through Covent Garden and after a nice walk and a Starbucks Frapuccino later ... we ended up in Soho to finally try the much talked about 'Bone Daddies' for their ramen.
So what is it that is so good here? 

As you would expect on a Friday night, the restaurant was buzzing when we got there but luckily, we were seated pretty quickly. The menu was not difficult to get through and without much ado, we ordered for starters, the fried chicken. And for Mains, hubby opted for the traditional tonkotsu ramen, while I also went for the tonkotsu but with the ip sauce, which the waiter said was supposed to be a 'spicy' sauce... 

Traditional Tonkotsu Ramen
IP Tonkotsu Ramen 
Ready with our Bone Daddies' Bib, our ramen bowls came rather rapidly!  As soon as we were served, we slurped our bowls of ramen noodles and the verdict is ... 'it was ok'. Not as wonderful as some reviews put it but overall I give a 6/10. The Traditional Tonkotsu ramen was as it should be (by the looks of it) but to our liking, tastewise, it was a bit bland. Even with so many ingredients and different textures in the bowl, there was something missing ...  

Maybe the IP sauce would be it ?? But no ... not sure what the IP sauce consisted of, but after having it mixed with my noodles, I wish I had removed some of it as it was a bit too much and too overpowering. Not spicy as expected, but very rich in a flavour which one can get sick of very easily... hmmm... When unsure, just ask for it on the side... 

I have forgotten to take a pic of the fried chicken as we munched on them as soon as they arrived but glad to say that they were very soft and yummy and complemented our tonkotsu ramen nicely with the crispiness and added flavour. 

We will probably not be back so soon but at least we can say we have tried Bone Daddies! 


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