Saturday, 18 July 2015

It is the weekend and it is sunny in London. Quite a rare moment (even if it is summer) and therefore we had to make sure we soak up some of those sun rays to top up our Vitamin D in our body.

As we made our way through Covent Garden, we got a bit peckish and decided to grab a burger at Shake Shack.  :)

The burgers here are guaranteed to be 100% Angus beef - no hormones and no antibiotics in the meat. They surely tasted yummy!  With their signature crinkle cut fries, it made the perfect early dinner treat as we strolled around in London enjoying the long summer day.

Before heading home, we stopped for a sweet indulgence at Crosstown in Soho for one of their delicious doughnuts. We chose the Creme Brûlée selection which was heavenly!

Crispy golden caramelised sugar top and when you bite into it ... an abundance of smooth and creamy vanilla custard. Perfect way to end the weekend!


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