Sunday, 16 August 2015

The latest branch opened by The Breakfast Club is the one in London Bridge. Just across the street to Borough Market, the location is perfect for us as this means that we do not have to travel too far for our American Pancakes Fix when it's needed! 

On our first visit there, we were quite lucky to have arrived before the rush hour because once it got past midday, there was a queue already forming just as we got seated. Good timing! 

For breakfast today, we didn't go for the All American breakfast as we knew we were going to have another heavy meal with friends for dinner, so we went with the normal English Breakfast and an Eggs Benedict with a twist where they replaced the bacon with chorizo and avocado. New combination that was worth a try. 

Verdict ?  Well, when it is no longer a novelty ... it kinda loses its charm ... Maybe for the All American Breakfast with Pancakes & Maple Syrup we will be back, but better breakfasts can be found in Borough Market just across the street ... 

Sorry Breakfast Club! 


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