Saturday, 22 August 2015

We rarely go to Islington but The Little Viet Kitchen made me drag my hubby all the way so we could try the delicious vietnamese cooking of Chef Thuy! I have seen so many bloggers/ intagrammers rave about her authentic vietnamese dishes that I had to go and try it for myself. 

That weekend, it was not very busy. As we walked in, it was already very familiar ( from the photos I've been seeing on instagram!) and we were very warmly welcomed by the host / waiter. 

The decor was adorable. Cute, chic and relaxed. As we went through the menu, unfortunately we were told that the Beef Pho was not available that day, however, the special of the day was a golden crispy chicken wing dish for starters. Of course, this is what we went for! 

For mains, we went for the Bun Bo Hue, which is a spicy beef noodle broth, and the Chef's special which was a big noodle salad bowl packed with lots of flavours! (Sorry I forgot how it's called but the picture sums it all! - below- :p ) 

Hubby was very happy with his choice! 

And this was my Bun Bo Hue. 

For Drinks, we had a cold Vietnamese drip coffee which was A-mazing!!  and tap drinking water which was very refreshing with the slice of cucumber in it. Will certainly try this at home! :) 

Overall, a very pleasant experience. Food was as expected D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!! Lots of flavours and textures and the colourful presentation just works your appetite up! Prices are a bit on the high side compared to other Vietnamese places I have been but it is totally understandable because the freshness of all the ingredients and all the wonderful flavours are not comparable! 

It was then time for us to rush for our movie screening... until next time, The Little Viet Kitchen!


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