EATING AT : Barcelona's Ten's Tapas Restaurant by Chef Jordy Cruz

Saturday, 26 September 2015

If you are looking for amazing tapas, this is the place to be! With its 2 Michelin Star, it better not disappoint and it didn't. We ate there twice and both times we could not get enough of all the amazingness coming out from their kitchen.


Friday, 25 September 2015

We started our second day at Mercat de la Boqueria. A foodie's heaven where I wanted to have breakfast before a full day of sight seeing. It was not difficult to find La Boqueria along La Rambla and I was immediately in food heaven! This is definitely a MUST -VISIT place when in Barcelona! 


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

We have landed! Welcome to Barcelona! 

Travelling from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre was very easy. (We were prepared :p )
We purchased a T-10 ticket from a Tobacco Shop (as it is not available from the ticket machine) and then made our way to the Train Station. This was the best and cheapest way for us to travel around the city as recommended by many on Tripadvisor. 

The T-10 ticket can be used by 2 people and as the name says it, allows you to travel 10 trips on any trains and metro. It also includes the Funiculars. 

As we were expecting to walk almost everywhere during our trip, the T-10 ticket was enough for the 2 full days we had in the wonderful city of Barcelona. 

Tickets in hand, we made our way to the train platform. 
Make sure you take the train that goes through Sants, from where you can then change to the City Metro network, taking you to wherever you need to go in the City. 


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

To celebrate our 3rd Wedding anniversary, we packed our travelling bags and spent a long weekend in Barcelona. It has been a destination I have been longing to visit and finally, we are here!

Here, my photo diary...


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Billingsgate Market, in East London, is where you should go to get the freshest fish and seafood when you need some! It is open Tuesday to Saturday from 4am till 8am, and on Saturdays until around 9am.
Yes... u need to get up early for it! 

The freshness of the fish and seafood is of course unbeatable and once in a while, when I am courageous enough to head there on an early Saturday morning, I am never disappointed! The scallops are huge and so fresh. The salmon fillets are perfect for that sushi and sashimi dinner, and enough for another 2 meals ... and all at the best prices which means much cheaper than at the super market. 

One morning as I was contemplating on heading there on the coming Saturday, I decided to search online if there was any chance I could have the same produce delivered to my door instead of me having to make it all the way to Billingsgate Market ... and to my complete surprise ... I came across - It said: " Fresh seafood from Cornwall, delivered to your door!".

It was too good to be true!! As I browsed their website and read reviews, I was sold! I just had to try it! 
You can read more about their story by clicking on this link : Fishforthought - Our Story 

As there was an offer on first orders, I immediately started shopping online for what I wanted. The amazing thing is that there are also recipes available when you click on the product you want which is absolutely fabulous especially when you don't really know what you can do with that produce. 

For me, it was the clams. I have never bought clams in my life but looking through their recipe of 'Spaghetti Vongole' , it didn't sound too difficult, and I ordered a pack of 1kg of clams. 

And the results are as below!! Instead of spaghetti, I used linguini. Simple but oh-so- delicious! I served the linguini vongole with a piece of salmon ( also from Fishforthought) simply seasoned with salt & pepper, lemon juice and fried taking care that the skin is all crispy and wonderful! 
It was a real success I have to say :p hehe... 

I also bought some scallops from them and I will let the picture speak for itself... 
Seared scallops with garlic and white wine. 

Fishforthought, you found a friend in me. =D 

No more early trips to Billingsgate Market! Yay!! 

Instead, next day delivery options, smooth transactions and easy to unpack produce keeping all the freshness from the sea! 

To see how the delivery box came, keep reading ... 


Saturday, 5 September 2015

Dim sum is always a good idea!

However, when it comes to choosing where to have dim sum in Chinatown, that's another story. I usually have my favourite place but this time, as we strolled along Gerrard street in Chinatown, we decided to give it a go at Golden Phoenix Restaurant which seemed to be quite buzzing on this beautiful Saturday. 

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