Friday, 25 September 2015

We started our second day at Mercat de la Boqueria. A foodie's heaven where I wanted to have breakfast before a full day of sight seeing. It was not difficult to find La Boqueria along La Rambla and I was immediately in food heaven! This is definitely a MUST -VISIT place when in Barcelona! 

The Market was already buzzing and packed with tourists when we arrived and we could also see some local people buying the fresh seafood and produce beautifully displayed on crushed ice. The multicoloured fruits stalls were so pretty and it was just amazing simply standing in between all this hustle and bustle of the market. We walked around for quite some time, checking all the food stalls and we finally stopped rapidly at one of the counters to grab some food. 

As we did not have time to queue up and wait for the popular ones, we stopped at Quiosc de la Boqueria and had a very traditional combo. 

We started with a very fresh Octopus Salad, followed by a Trio of fried seafood and a Traditional Catalonian Sausage with beans for the 'piece de resistance'. Simple but delicious! And maybe skip the fried foods for breakfast. :p

Next, sightseeing time!!! No, we didn't take the Bus Tour. Instead, we decided to take it easy and get around at our own pace and it was a brilliant idea! 

Map in hand, we continued our way up La Rambla, walking pass Placa de Catalunya to get to Casa Batllo. 
With our tummy now full, we headed back to La Rambla for our Sightseeing adventure! 

Once in front of Casa Batllo, one of Gaudi's Masterpieces, we had a look at the queue and got scared off.  Casa Batllo most definitely was one of the most beautiful buildings on the street which attracted immediate attention ... however, we had planned to go for La Perdrera instead (another of Gaudi's Masterpiece) for its beautiful Roof Terrace and so decided to give it a miss... 

To our surprise, as we walked further along the street, we found this sign saying we could have a look - For FREE - at the rear facade of Casa Batllo through this shop called Servei Estacio and of course, we did not miss this chance! :) 

Although very beautiful ... we were happy that we did not pay for visiting Casa Batllo as it didn't look like much fun inside ... hehe... so next ... Casa Mila - La PERDRERA !! 

Here's a preview from street level ... can you see the weird sculptures on the roof? 

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, it was definitely one to explore inside and out. After all, they call Casa Mila - La Perdrera, the Zenith of Gaudi's work! 

After a quick stop to have something to eat ( we grabbed a burger in a cafe nearby), we then headed to Park Guell which was quite a distance away. We took the Metro to get there and once out of the Metro it was a short walk away ... 

Park Guell of course was AH-Mazing!!!! With the growing number of tourists visiting the park, it has now recently become a paid attraction where you need to purchase tickets prior and then select a time slot. I believe that this way there is more organisation and probably lesser a crowd inside the main open areas allowing for more breathable space ...  

Park Guell is of course not to be missed when in Barcelona. If you do not want to buy the tickets which lets you in the popular 'photo' spots, you can still enjoy the rest of the park which is still free. 

Our day of sightseeing did not end here... as we still had a few hours to go before sunset, we went back to the Metro Station and set off to La Segrada de Familia. 

As you know, La Segrada de Familia is an unfinished work of Gaudi which is now being completed hence all the 'work in progress' on site. When we came out of the station, the first view of La Segrada de Familia is the New one. You can immediately tell that it looks quite modern and doesn't have that many detailed work on its facade ... walk around this piece of art and you will find the REAL work of Gaudi's...  What a difference. This side of La Segrada de Familia is almost scary ... (-_-)

As we got there a bit late, sadly we did not go inside to view more of Gaudi's amazing work so next time, we'll have this to do! 

To end the day, we took the Metro to Espanya to go see the Magical Fountain of Montjuic. 
Yes, it was quite a trip away but I was told it had to be done so off we went! 

In the background, the Palau Nacional was also illuminated and added to the beautiful fountain works. It was not as breathtaking as expected as it happened that there was a concert blasting a different kind of music you would not expect during a Magical Fountain Show, but nevertheless... it was beautiful. 

After such a long day of sightseeing, we went to the Arenas of Barcelona nearby to find a place to have dinner and stopped at a Restaurant called La Botiga. Nothing to report as it was just ordinary and service was limit rude. I had an over-seasoned grilled cod which was super salty and hubby had some paella which was ok. When I told them that my dish was too salty, they said this is how it's served ... (-_-) Definitely not recommending this place and I will make sure I leave them my feedback on Tripadvisor. 

Apart from the very below average dinner, what a full day it has been and it was overall a very beautiful day spent in Sunny Barcelona! 


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