EATING AT : Barcelona's Ten's Tapas Restaurant by Chef Jordy Cruz

Saturday, 26 September 2015

If you are looking for amazing tapas, this is the place to be! With its 2 Michelin Star, it better not disappoint and it didn't. We ate there twice and both times we could not get enough of all the amazingness coming out from their kitchen.

I let you see for yourself ...

Best Patatas bravas ever!!! Served with foamy aioli and spicy tomato sauce. Simply Divine! 

Toasted Folguerolas coca with tomatoes and olive oil. 10/10 crunchiness and flavour! 
Simple, yet sooo delicious... we kept them coming! 

Fried Dogfish with abode chilli mayonnaise foam ... Wasn't too sure what a Dogfish was but it was delicious! Soft inside, crispy outside, and the mayonnaise foam ... what can I say... we almost licked the plate! :D 

Yakiniku chicken wings with prawns and fresh, spicy salad. Sweet and savoury at the same time. Chicken wings are always a good idea! 

This was one of my favourites! Low-temperature egg with Iberian pork and cured ham. 
What a treat!! Amazingly soft and oozing with flavour. A MUST try!! 

Tuna Steak and watermelon marinated with ponzu sauce, nori and kumquat. So refreshing and for a sashimi lover like me, it was fabulous! 

Stewed Octopus with De la Vera Paprika, potato with Arbequina olive oil and beech smoke. 
This dish comes with a silver cover and once served, they lift the cover to reveal a beautiful smokiness and it is ready to be devoured. Perfect! 

Barbecued Iberian pork tail and boneless spane rib meat served with hummus.
Wasn't too sure about the hummus but the combination of the crackling, the soft pork tail and ribs was brilliant. 

When we got the bill, it came in a little can of sardines... see below. How original!! :) 

What an amazing restaurant and definitely value for money!

We expected to be paying more for such high quality food (Michelin Starred Food !!) but we were pleasantly surprised how well we ate for what we paid. (Nothing compared to Michelin Starred places in London which are absurdly overpriced!) 

A Must on your list if you're off to Barcelona and want some wonderful tapas with a modern twist. 



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