Saturday, 5 September 2015

Dim sum is always a good idea!

However, when it comes to choosing where to have dim sum in Chinatown, that's another story. I usually have my favourite place but this time, as we strolled along Gerrard street in Chinatown, we decided to give it a go at Golden Phoenix Restaurant which seemed to be quite buzzing on this beautiful Saturday. 

I love dim sum and a good dim sum restaurant for me is one that has a lot of variety with good extensive choices for steamed and fried items. On this occasion at Golden Phoenix, we tried the following : 

BBQ puff pastry : Lovely pastry but I've had ones with better tasting filling. 

Fried Prawn dumplings : Nice and crispy and goes perfectly with the salad cream mixed with mango pieces (I think). 

Crispy Dough Cheung Fun : ( Hubby's favourite!) Nice and crispy dough (just as it should be!) inside. We like it here, so that's a good sign :) 

Spicy seafood dumpling (steamed) : Wonderful bite of seafood goodness in a dumpling and topped with spicy XO sauce. Loved this one. 

This is one of my all-time favourite. I always order this for dim sum. 
Prawns and chives dumplings : Delicious! 

Hubby likes this one. 
Rice with pork ribs cooked in clay pot : Nice flavour and rice is very fragrant. Would recommend this as I enjoyed it very much! 

More dumplings ... 
Shark's fin and crab meat dumpling : ( I thought Shark's fin was banned in London restaurants ... ? ... but I'm guessing it may not be real Shark's fin ... ?... It was more like glass noodles :p ) 
It was nicely made with a different wrapping and well seasoned filling. 

A sweet treat for dessert, we indulged in the Fried custard bun. 

What a feast it was! 
We brought the Fried custard buns home to eat later that day as we could really not fit them in our belly! Overall, we had a great first time experience and we will most likely be back to try their other items. 

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