Sunday, 18 October 2015

Here we are in Belém again and this time the weather is Ah-mazing!! Yay!! On this beautiful day, we took the Tram 18 to Belém from Cais de Sodre and first things first ... we stop at Pasteis de Belém of course! 

I cannot be happier to be back to Belém to get to eat more of these deliciousness! I seriously cannot get enough of it. So after stuffing myself with a few of these, we move from the café to give the chance to another couple to sit down and we continue our day to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. 

The place is amazing! Definitely make it inside to admire all the richly carved columns, the vaulted arcades and the tiled walls with 18th century azulejos. Simply magnificent inside. 

The Jeronimos Monastery is definitely a place to visit when in Belem. 
Other places to visit are the Palacio de Belém, The Museu Nacional dos Coches, the Jardim Botanico Tropical and the Museu Nacional de Arqueologica. We decided not to do the rest of the visiting simply because we were a bit tired of museums by now as we were reaching the end of our holidays in Lisbon. If you get to visit the remaining places do let me know how you enjoy them! 

Before we left the town of Belém, we naturally stop by Pasteis de Belém one final time and get some natas to go so we can enjoy them one last time even after leaving Belém :) 


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