Saturday, 17 October 2015

A short trip from Lisbon, by train or by a more traditional way of transport, the tram, you can get to Belém in minutes! Belém is Lisbon's most monumental and historical area. It is from here that many of the greatest Portuguese explorers embarked on their long voyages of discovery at sea. Amongst them, Vasco da Gama who went to discover the sea route to India and Bartholomeu Dias to round the Cape of Good Hope. Christopher Columbus also stopped here on his way back to Europe after discovering the New World. So as you can see, it was an important stop on the world map back in the days!

We started our journey into Belém making our way towards Padrão dos Descobrimentos. It was a super windy day and the weather was certainly not at its best. We were a bit worried about the rain pouring down at any minute but we were determined to make it to the monument at least!

Here I find my little country on the World Map covering an immense tiled area on the floor. Indeed, Mauritius was 'discovered' first by the Portuguese back in 1512  :) 

 We made it to Padrão dos Descobrimentos and next further along the promenade was the Torre de Belém.

As you can see, even on a grey day, The Tower  of Belem remains a popular place to visit. We decided not to queue up to see the inside of the tower, and instead we made our way into town to search for a place to have lunch. See you Tower of Belem!

As we strolled along the streets of Belem, we saw this interesting wall structure on the side of the road but could not figure out what it was exactly until we turned around further down the road to see the 'big picture' as you would call it. :) This is great Wall Art!

Few minutes further down the road and we found our Lunch destination. Descobre Restaurant. It is a lovely little restaurant I found on Trip advisor and it was good.

The octopus was fabulous and I really enjoyed the olive tapenade they served to accompany the bread as starters. The rest of the dishes were good too but nothing really special. After lunch, we made our way to the city centre where there was more to discover.

...  As the weather turned out to be pretty bad after that, we came back to visit the rest of Belém on a different day... Click here to read more about Part 2 of our Visit to Belém !


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