Tuesday, 20 October 2015
If you want to eat great seafood in Lisbon, make your way to Ramiro Cervejaria
We made our way there one late afternoon and made it in, just under an hour later, in time for dinner. Yes! This restaurant is so popular both with locals and the increasing number of tourists that if you do not get there early, you will find yourself queueing up for a while before getting in. But worry not, it is all very worth it! :p 

As we were sat down to our table, the waiter who probably doesn't understand much of English handed us an iPad which had the menu on. He explained briefly in Portuguese something that we didn't quite understand but overall with all the sign language, we guessed that he was presenting the menu and then (?) (?)... we just stared, smiled, said ok and flipped through the menu.
Being distracted by other incoming clients being sat down, checking on other tables and shouting to his other waiter colleagues all at the same time he was taking our order, our waiter was rather entertaining, although could be considered rude by other guests. We hoped he got everything we pointed out on the iPad for our order because he didn't even note down anything... Probably a Pro at it we guessed... 

 We started by having beautiful fresh oysters, simply served with quarters of lemon. Oh My! They were fabulous! My theory with having fresh oysters is the smaller they are the tastier because I do not like chewing on them. I got one which was pretty massive, so I was a bit worried I wouldn't like that one.  BUT.  Turns out... it was as amazing! Really fresh, almost like a jelly. All went in beautifully. 
Verdict: They were so fresh, clean - no sand in the mouth - oh! perfection :p

 The Garlic prawns which seems to be a favourite was definitely very garlicky and lovely. Nothing special for me as I was waiting for our lobster, freshly picked from the tank to come! 
This is our Waiter (on the Right)  You can see how friendly his face is, holding our dinner! :D 
 And Tadaaahhh - few minutes later. On our plates! You cannot get any fresher than this! So simple yet so tasty - just with a squeeze of lemon juice on top. So delicious! 
Next, we had the garlic clams. I love clams and this did not disappoint. All dishes were served with a side plate of toasted rustic bread slices drizzled with olive oil and it all went perfectly together. Dip the bread in the clam sauce and oh! it was the best! By then we were pretty much full but we had to have the famous 'Prego'  - steak sandwich - which had so many praises from reviewers on Tripadvisor. 

WOW!  Perfect way to end our feast at Ramiro! The steak was juicy, tender, tasty and it was just so wonderful. Seriously the best 'Prego' we've had ever, so do not leave without having one! 

What a feast! I will certainly recommend eating here when in Lisbon. For lunch you might be lucky not having to queue for too long while for dinner, be ready to wait for a while. Do not expect attentive service as the charm is to have the waiters buzzing around and not speaking very good English. Overall, we had the perfect evening with fabulous food and all we needed was a nice walk back to our hotel as our body digested a daily heavy dinner! 

Note this down: 
Address: Av. Almirante Reis nº1 - H, 1150-007 Lisboa, Portugal
 Closed on Mondays. 


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