Wednesday, 18 November 2015

After a nice month of October travelling to Spain and Portugal, colder November came and autumn was finally showing its better side with much welcomed sunshine and beautiful golden leaves. 

As the winter days were coming, I felt it was time to say goodbye to my blonder hair ends and 'go back to black'. Even though I do love lighter hair colour, I decided to just go back to the dark side :p as my hair needed all its nutrients and strength back.

Some selfies to remember my 'blonder' days by. 

For the chop, I went to the Vidal Sassoon Studio in Mayfair to get it professionally done. It was my first time there and luckily, I liked the final outcome. :)  After a few hours of treatment to get my hair colour back and chop the 'dead' ends, Voilà!! 

Much darker hair and shorter too! Hairstylist advised that the messier the sexier ... :) Perfect for old lazy me! hehe! 

On a very different note, we got ourselves a new member of the family in our Kitchen. The Philips Juicer! It's fabulous and we are loving how easy it is to use and clean. You can get it at a cheaper price on Amazon here : Link

Our first experiment juicing was with the following ingredients: Pear, green apples, celery, cucumber and some ginger. 

The result was a yummy Green Juice! 

Hello to a healthier life with freshly made juices! 


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