Thursday, 26 November 2015

I am finally ready to share some pictures of the transformation that happened in my latest London project.

Hello New Kitchen!
Total time from conception, design, selection and installation... 3 months.

Here are the before and after pictures.

I'm pretty pleased with the final product as my 3 main wishes were accomplished.

Three Wishes
Wish 1 : Get the big fridge to fit in the kitchen
Wish 2 : Move the sink to the window side
Wish 3 : Move the cooker and extractor fan to connect with the main extractor pipe

All wishes granted! :) Yayy!!

Lessons learned when getting a new kitchen installed.
1. Always make sure electric points will suit your new kitchen layout - moving electrical points to suit different appliances can increase the overall cost so keep this in mind.

2. When choosing appliances, SEE them before you buy them. I was a bit disappointed after the hob was installed. I ordered the new cooker hob through my contractor and ensured it is an ELECTRIC hob BUT what I really wanted (and thought I ordered) was an induction hob (the sleek black one).
It was then too late to exchange or change so here we are...

Lessons learned and let's move on to the next one! :)


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