Monday, 8 February 2016

Welcome to Kurobuta! Finally, we booked it and decided to give it a go thanks to Emerald Street's 2 for 1 Brunch deals happening now. Click on the image below to get your voucher and then keep reading to see how we got on with the brunch. :) 

Kurobuta Sunday Brunch is a special one. 
With an all you can eat buffet set on the bar table, you can eat at your heart's content. The variation is good from white fish sashimi, sushi rolls, chicken karage, noodle soup options and slow cooked eggs amongst others. You also have all-you-can-drink cocktails (all drinks really) included in the deal. As we do not drink alcohol, we ordered other drinks such as tea and juices and they were all part of the deal except from a bottle of water. 

My first serving was as below. Then I don't remember how many times I went back to the buffet ^^
Bon Appetit! 

Also included in our brunch deal is the below menu. 

These were pretty good! 
The Pork Buns : With a thick piece of very soft and tender pork belly and a delicious dipping sauce. 

The Ribs: These never disappoint. Big portion! :p 

The Aubergine : Loved this dish! 

For dessert, we had a platter of fruits with mochi ice cream and chocolate truffles with a matcha green tea filling. ( Sorry no pics! ) 

The price of the brunch is usually £45 per person which I think is a bit pricey for what is on offer. Thanks to Emerald Street though, we got the whole experience with a 2 for 1 voucher and therefore left the restaurant pretty satisfied with the bill coming out at just under £55 per couple. (£45 + service charge and water).

Thank you Emerald Street! :) What a lovely way to end the Lunar Year and Welcome the New Lunar Year of the Monkey tomorrow! 


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