Saturday, 19 March 2016

Travelling to Lake Como in March is a totally different experience compared to a Summer holiday in Lake Como I would imagine. The view however remains amazing, if not, even more beautiful than during the summer days as the Lake is quiet. As part of our Milan Trip, we decided to take a day trip to Lake Como, taking a train from Centrale Milano to the beautiful town of Varenna. 

Here is a Guide to how to make the most of a Day in Lake Como. 

How to get to Lake Como.
There are several ways to visit Lake Como and from Milan, we could choose to take the train either go to Como town (the most popular choice) or to Varenna, a little town further North. I had read on different travel blogs that Varenna was a better choice and so this is where we went. The station is called Varenna - Esino and a return ticket was about Eur13.50 per person from Milano Centrale Station.

Taxi Boat Varenna with Luca.
As we only had one day in Varenna, Lake Como, we wanted to maximise our time and instead of going the traditional route by taking the ferries and wandering around the different stops around the lake, we treated ourselves to a private tour with Luca on his Venetian style taxi boat. 
His website can be found on this link: Taxi Boat - Varenna - An absolute must to make your experience an unforgettable one! 

Family Picture on Lake Como with Varenna in the background
We had the most amazing 3 hours with Luca as he took us around the Lake and we enjoyed the breathtaking 360degrees views from his boat. Included in the tour was also a visit to Villa Balbianello, one of the most beautiful and romantic Villa around Lake Como. It is a tour not to be missed. The Villa is full of history and is also famous as it is featured in different big movies such as  'Casino Royal' and in 'Star Wars: Episode II' for the wedding scene. Loved the Villa tour!

Villa Balbianello on Lake Como 
After the Villa Balbianello tour, we continued our journey around the Lake and stopped at another little town found in the middle part of the Lake, called Bellagio, also known as the 'Pearl of Lake Como'. 

Magnificent view from the centre of Lake Como
Bellagio is a beautiful little village which you must absolutely visit. We took a walk along the century old buildings, on the stone lanes and up the picturesque cobbled stairways and had an enjoyable time just wandering the pretty little streets.

As we reached almost the end of the day,  we relaxed along the edge of the lake waiting to see one of the finest sunset views of the world. On one side, the sun was shining its last rays on beautiful Bellagio and looking towards the West, we could see the sun slowly setting. It was magnificent.

On the West side, a beautiful and magical view of the sunset

Beautiful Bellagio, the Pearl of Lake Como.

It was now time to head back to Varenna and take the train back to Milan. What a wonderful day!
We had the most beautiful day with the perfect weather and we had, without any doubt, experienced the best of Lake Como in a day. 

Till we meet again Lake Como! Ciao! 


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