Friday, 25 March 2016

It's Good Friday and it's a beautiful day. 
We are meeting some friends at A.WONG Restaurant in Victoria for what we knew would be an wonderful meal! Funnily enough, it has the same name (initial) as my hubby - Andy Wong :D  so of course it is going to be fab!

This will be my second time at A.Wong Restaurant and I cannot be more excited! The dim sum served here is simply amazing. It is not the traditional dim sum that you know from traditional Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. Trust me... Give it a try and you will be blown away.

Here are some of the dishes we ordered for our lunch. 

Shanghai steamed dumpling, ginger infused vinegar
Wild mushroom and truffle steamed buns
Quail egg croquette puff
Won ton with garlic, chilli oil and crispy bean curd
Rabbit and Carrot glutinous puff
Clear shrimp dumpling, sweet chilli sauce, citrus foam 
Scallops puff 3 ways 
Steamed duck yolk custard bun
Tea smoked banana , nut crumble, chocolate and caramel 
All dishes chosen were naturally wonderful!

My top dishes are:
- The super soup Shanghai dumplings (first pic)
- The Scallop Puff 3 ways
-The Steamed Duck yolk custard bun.
Oh so gorgeous custard bun with an oozing duck yolk custard flowing as soon as you bite into it.

A.Wong Restaurant is probably not that widely known (I think), but for sure, it already has its dedicated clientele as it is always busy! :) If you're planning to give it a go and I highly recommend you do so, then booking a table is recommended so as not to be turned away.

Happy Eating my friends! :) And Happy Easter! xx 


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