Monday, 28 March 2016
Happy Easter Sunday! 
We did not have anything special planned for today but we ended up having a pretty good day.
 We started by driving around Stratford and the Olympic park in the rain and then we discovered this really pretty little studio. The location is called the Sugarhouse Studios and although a bit tricky to find (especially when you are driving...) seeing it in real only brings a smile to your face. 

After clicking away for a good few minutes, we then drove away towards Islington to this beautiful little café called SUNDAY. It is usually a very buzzing and busy place during the weekends but being Easter Sunday, I guess not many people thought it'd still be open. Luckily for us it was open and we had a really lovely late afternoon lunch. 

For such a little café, I was impressed with the rather extensive menu. Mainly brunch dishes but all seemingly as delicious as the other. We chose the following dishes and they were both delicious.

Cornbread waffle benedict with goats curd, beetroot borani and pistachio ail lades

Brioche French toast with berry compote, bacon, honeycomb butter and maple syrup

What a wonderful way to spend Sunday afternoon, at SUNDAY :) 

Hope everyone is enjoying their long Easter Weekend! 



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