Thursday, 17 March 2016

Being a foodie, every trip taken has got to have some type of yummy experience where we try out traditional local dishes. In Milan, when searching for the typical milanese dish, we were immediately told to try the Risotto alla Milanese
This version of risotto in Milan is a very rich and creamy risotto with a pinch of saffron which adds fantastic flavour (and a bright yellow colour) to the creamy risotto rice. It can be served in several ways with meat, fish or vegetables. 
To make it as typical as we could get, we had our Risotto alla Milanese served with Osso buco, which is a slice of veal shank, including the bone, cooked in butter. Osso buco was also on the list of food to try so we got the combo in one dish and it was fabulous! 

We also recommend to have the Spaghetti alla Vongole which is one of my favourite at any Italian Restaurants and this one did not disappoint! Vongole was fresh and dish was super flavourful! 
Sphagetti alla Vongole

We had the best Milanese Dinner at Mamma Rosa - Milano. 


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