Wednesday, 6 April 2016
One of my favourite desserts after a good Chinese meal is Mango sago served with pomelo and coconut ice-cream. I have always wanted to try make sago at home and finally, I took the time and did it. Well, ... my version of it. :) 

Here is my version of the dessert - Mango & Coconut Sagoo with mango and grapefruit bits. 

First ingredient you will need is: Tapioca pearls 
They look like tiny white little pellets of cardboard to start with but once boiled after 15-20 minutes, they go translucent and jelly like. Tapioca pearls / sago can be readily available at the grocery store or at your Chinese supermarket. It comes in a pretty big bag so make sure you do not use too much because they do expand when boiled, so for a recipe for 4-5 people, I used 3 tablespoons and it was just right. So in a pan of boiling water, add in the 3 tablespoons of tapioca pearls. 
Above, you will see the tapioca pearls slowly turning into the translucent little jelly balls. After 15-20 minutes, the boiling water will feel a bit thicker due to the starch in the tapioca pearls buts that's ok. Keep boiling and stirring for longer if you still see lots of white bits, but if 95% of the pearls are ready best to just turn the heat off and drain the tapioca pearls in a sieve and rinse under cold water. 
Be careful not to overcook the tapioca pearls as you will end up having mushy pearls which are a No- No for this dessert. The pearls should look like the picture on the right hand side. Leave to rest and cool down.

Meanwhile, prepare the mango mixture. I take 2 fresh ripe mangos and with one I make a puree in the blender and with the other, I cut it in little pieces to have some bite in the dessert. 

In a big bowl, I mix the half can of coconut milk, the mango puree and the coconut water. You can add as much coconut water you want until you get the consistency you want. As my coconut milk is a bit thick, I added at least 2 cups. Mix in the mango bits and the cooled tapioca pearls, and Voilà. The dessert is ready!! This time sadly I did not manage to get a pomelo, but I did get a red grapefruit which I mixed in too. Pomelo is best but grapefruit can do if it is sweet. Taste it first before adding to the mix because if the grapefruit is too sour it will not go well with the dessert. :p 

Here is the end result!
Yummy Yummy!!! I hope you have enjoyed this and will try it at home! 
It is really easy (once you have all the ingredients at hand) and very refreshing after a meal.

Enjoy! xxx 


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