Monday, 4 April 2016
I woke up dreaming of pancakes and got hungry immediately.
Lovely Sunday morning and I just had to have it! I have been disappointed with breakfast pancakes at different breakfast restaurants before because they would be heavy and dough-y, so I decided to make some myself. 
A quick google on the iPhone and voilà : Jamie Oliver's easy recipe for the perfect American Pancakes. Let's GO!

( Here is the link for the recipe - Jamie Oliver's American Pancake ) 

First things first, prepare the ingredients. 
Dry ingredients and Egg golks on one side and then which the Egg whites until soft peaks form. 

Mix the egg yolks with the dry ingredients and then add the milk. Mix well until smooth. Then Fold in the Egg Whites (must be in firm white form) until smooth mixture is obtained. Be careful not to over mix or you will burst all the air bubbles in the mixture. :) This is what you want the mixture to look like.
We are now ready to start frying! In a clean and non-stick pan, place the mixture slowly onto the pan. I wanted to make some with chocolate chip so here I made one plain and one with chocolate chip. 

 So light and fluffy! Perfect to serve savoury with a fried egg and some crispy bacon strips with maple syrup, or serve the chocolate chip pancakes with fresh strawberries and cream / Honey greek yogurt. So Yummmmy!!!! 

Quick and Easy! Perfect for a wonderful Sunday breakfast or brunch! 
Enjoy! xxx 


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