Monday, 18 April 2016
In 3 Words : A Foodie's paradise.
Remember: Bring cash and go hungry! 
Hawker House Night Market has been running for a while now. A big movement in the food industry, especially for the street food traders in London, where every Friday and Saturday night, they are all gathered under a massive warehouse space in Canada Water. 
We reach there just before 7pm to get in free.
After 7pm, a little fee of £3 applies but it's all worth it.
It may still be bright outside at 6.45pm but step in and you are inside a buzzing street food market and it is all toasty inside, perfect for a Friday night! Yes, it's all indoors so don't worry if it's raining or hailing! Once inside, only eating and drinking matters. :) 
So where do we begin? 
We start by taking a walk around the warehouse to inspect all the deliciously set stalls and see what's on offer. We try the following: 

Smoked BBQ ribs from SMOKESTAK
Eat with your hands when still hot and peeling from the bone! 

Nice savoury selection - we pick the pork belly and the chicken bun. Both delicious.

We head to Meat Hook to try some of their Oak smoked beef. They look awesome and really tasty served with some chimchurri dressing. We got served a fatty bit but we still enjoy it. 

Next we try some of the tacos selection. They are good. 
I have a preference for the fried buttermilk chicken. So yummy!!!
Pork Pibil - Buttermilk Fried Chicken - Baja Fish

The reviews were great and we have never had Venezuelan street food before so we had to try. 
The traditional Venezuelan Cornbread is a novelty and I'm loving it! Really moreish even tho I'm starting to get very full!

A very original name for their cute wooden house stall standing in the corner of the warehouse but a bit disappointed with the portion! Surely they could give more than 1 prawn in a portion?? 

Wooaaahhh!!! I'm so full.
I've been struggling with the Petare bun already and now... I'm taking a break, breathing, hoping I can fit in some desserts! 

Soon after, my foodie partner N arrives with the sweet option from YUM BUN! Oh! A delicious coconut ice cream served with caramel sauce and chopped nuts, all in a crispy and soft bun. I'm blown away. It's really good! We share this one. 

Across the room, I can see Chin Chin Labs staring at me. Should I? Should I not? 
Not this time! We are going to have to come back for more. 
Tonight, it's Game over! 

We've done well though :) 
See you next time Hawker House!


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