Wednesday, 18 May 2016
Have you heard of Coconut Oil Pulling?
After buying a jar of coconut oil from Borough Market, I wasn't sure how I would use it. Then one day, I asked Google for a few ideas and that's when I came to read all about Coconut Oil Pulling. 
I love everything coconut and I decided to give it a try...

So what exactly is oil pulling?
Oil pulling has been around for years but only became popular recently with all the buzz around coconut oil. It is a simple ancient Ayurvedic technique of swishing around a small amount (a teaspoon) of oil in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes before eating or drinking, to help improve your oral and general health. This simple process is meant to get rid of bacteria  and toxins in your mouth, and clean and detoxify your gums. Oh and it also has plenty of other benefits! 

Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling
Lots and lots of benefits, some of which are:
> Whitens teeth
> Gets rid of bad breath
> Helps with sleep issues
> Helps prevent cavities and for general oral health
> Strengthens gums and teeth
> Stops teeth sensitivity and pain
> Relieves migraines and headaches
> Clears out sinuses
> Overall detoxification
With all of the above benefits (and more if you keep reading on Google), why not give it a try right? 

I have just started to do it and here's how.
What to use?  Use Organic Coconut oil. I use this organic virgin coconut oil pot from the picture which I bought from Borough Market and it has been working well for me. But you can also use sesame oil, olive oil and any other organic vegetable oils.

When to do it? First thing in the morning when your mouth has the highest amount of bacteria and bad breath. 

How to do it? Take a teaspoon of the coconut oil into the mouth, let it melt and then swish & pull all around your mouth. Keep swishing for about 15-20 minutes. It may sound like quite a long time but trust me, it goes by very fast! Just carry on with getting ready or even have your morning shower while swishing. 

Most important of all, DO NOT SWALLOW! The mixture in your mouth will now contain the oil mixed with your saliva and lots and lots of bacteria. You certainly do not want to swallow any of this! Once the 15 minutes have passed, spit it out in the toilet or in a plastic bag and then bin it. 

DO NOT IN ANY CASE SPIT IN THE SINK. This is because eventually the coconut oil will solidify and this will cause serious problems in your pipes! 
Finally, rinse your mouth with warm water and then brush your teeth as usual with your usual toothpaste. 

So this is it. Coconut Oil Pulling. 
Having done it only for a few days now, I haven't yet noticed any difference, but I will surely do an update on this in a few weeks to tell you about any changes. So, will you give it a go? :) 


  1. There are really some great and excellent benefits of using this kind of method because it is made in organic form. So, there is such good benefits of oral health that we can assure to get from this method.

  2. Oil Pulling is an old Ayurveda tradition where the individual swishes oil on his mouth right after waking up in the morning.


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