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Today, we are visiting the Western Side of Tokyo. We started the day at Shibuya, as it would be a shame to be in Tokyo and not take a walk across the famous Shibuya Crossing! Make sure to take the Hachiko Exit from Shibuya Station and that will take you straight to the Shibuya Crossing.

Once out on the streets, we started getting hungry and had to find a place to have some breakfast. We stopped at the sight of a vending machine surrounded by colourful posters of very enticing Japanese dishes and decided to give it a go. 

This is very common in Tokyo. Instead of having a waiting staff to take your orders, this is done through the vending machines.Press the button that corresponds to the meal you want, put in your cash and it will print a ticket. Hand the ticket in to the kitchen staff when you enter the restaurant and voilà! Order is in, and you can pick any seat to sit until your food is served. 
Special Shiromaru to start the day. It was Yummy!!
A side of Pork Gyoza
We knew it was going to be a busy day of eating today so we shared the noodles and the gyozas, and it was just enough to get us going until our next foodie stop! :)
From Shibuya, the plan was to walk around the area while heading to Yoyogi Park. We initially wanted to go to the Meiji Shrine today but considering how packed Sensō Ji Temple was yesterday, we thought we would skip Meiji Shrine this trip and just enjoy the city. 
Shibuya was awesome! We stopped at a Games Centre to explore the fun inside and had a go at a few games before being on our way to the park.
Hubby's favourite toy as a kid (and still now!) -> Doraemon!!
Awesome drumming game!
It was such a hot and sunny day that when we saw Starbucks just ahead of us, we had no choice but to stop and try the Frapuccino flavours that we do not usually get in London.
Green Matcha with Chocolate Brownies - Cantaloupe Melon and Cream 
Both very good and refreshing on this hot, sunny day!
After some more walking around and discovering the city, we encountered many Jedi, Yoda, Star Troopers, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Chew Bacca! What a sight! The reason for this? It was the 4th of May and a special Star Wars Day was taking place in the shopping mall we were in. 
After an interesting stop at the Shibuya PARCO Shopping Centre, we walked a couple of streets down the road and by pure coincidence, came across Luke's Lobster Restaurant. Well, it was more like a Luke's Lobster Window :D 
Needless to say, we queued up and got ourselves a Crab Meat Roll! As it was just after lunch rush hour, the queue wasn't bad at all. Only 3 people ahead of us. Yeah!!!
With our Freshly prepared Crab Meat Roll 
Yummy Crab Meat Roll! 
 Why Crab Meat Roll you say? Well, London already has lots of places selling Lobster Rolls all being pretty fantastic. Crab Meat Rolls, on the other hand, haven't been too great in London hence ... Tadaaaahhhh!!! We went for the Crab Meat Roll here and I did not regret it! I love eating Crab and this was pure delight!!! Nomm nomm nommmmm!!! Definitely give it a try when in Tokyo. :) They have another more popular branch further in Harajuku area but Oh the Queue!!!! You have been warned. :) Sadly, I can't even tell you where this joint is because I had no idea where exactly we were at the time! Just happily and freely taking in the city. 

Right after finishing at Luke's Lobster, further down the road, Hubby found this place where they sell the ever so famous Pineapple Bun but Tokyo style! We had watched a Japan travel program where a lady raved all about this pineapple bun and we were finally going to try it out. :) 
This is it! Can you read it? :p 
Pineapple Bun in the making :D yummm yummm!!
Voilà! Tokyo Style Pineapple Bun.
YES. It was amazing! The ice cream inside is called : MelonPan Ice - served in a pineapple bun with crispy bits and a slice of pineapple ... it was Fab!
Again, we shared this even though it got pretty messy! lol! But it was gooood!!! 
As we continued our way to Yoyogi Park, we came across another interesting stop... Shiroichi. We just had to stop... It was clearly a popular place as shortly after Hubby made it to the Queue, a long line started forming behind him... And did I mention it was a very hot day!! :p Therefore, ice cream was much welcomed!So, this is not ice cream like any ice cream. This is Raw Milk ice
It is basically like a milk sorbet but so light! It looks like a softie ice-cream, but imagine it with a more icy texture... Almost like a slushy but standing on a cone... Impossible right??
I have never tasted anything like this! While I had one in a cone, hubby tried the one served with a shot of milky expresso. 
Absolutely Gorgeous!!

We finally made it to the entrance of Yoyogi Park and not to our surprise, it was buzzing with people. Mainly families with kids as today was the Family Day of the Golden Week, where children are celebrated. 
There was a beautiful atmosphere in the park and it was a really great day!
Even the Super Heroes from Avengers were here! 
 Children busy playing with what looks like giant blue building blocks.
Captivating story telling
The LionCat and its Master :D
It was time for us to make our way to Hirajuku from here. The day was going by so quickly!! 
As we turned into Harajuku, it was total madness! Omotesando (the equivalent of The Champs Elysees in Paris) was packed!We made a quick stop inside Tokyu Plaza to admire its impressive entrance, then headed back out to experience the trendy streets of Harajuku.Soon enough, it was almost time for us to meet our friend for dinner. However, we were feeling peckish and even though we didn't want to ruin our dinner, we still had an hour to go, so we decided to try these little sandwiches from Family Mart. I read from Lucy's blog that they were pretty good so here we were testing them. One savoury and one sweet one.
 Pork Katsu Sandwich
Sweet cream and marshmallow sandwich.
Both were pretty good and kept us going until dinner. The white bread was so soft, it was like eating a little pillow of deliciousness! I usually am very against eating white bread for healthy eating reasons but hey! I am on holidays! :p 

Boy, we were glad we had these to eat because dinner came hours and hours later, after we queued up for almost 2 hours to get into the restaurant of our choosing! After Harajuku, we took the train to Shinjuku to meet my Japanese friend, Toshi-San, and after a very very very long wait, we had an epic dinner at Gyukatsu Motomura.
Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... i.e. the entrance door to the restaurant! :D
There was only one item on the menu to choose from and it was epic! (P.S. Thanks Toshi San for the pictures ;p )
The One and Only, Beef Katsu.
The 1hour and 50 minutes wait was definitely worth it! We would not do it again (instead maybe try for really early lunch to beat the queue?) but we were very happy we stayed in line that evening. Not only was the meal absolutely gorgeous, but the price was very reasonable too, considering what you are getting for JPY2,200! Put this on your list to try when in Tokyo and remember it won't be a quick one!

Last foodie stop of the day, Park Hyatt Tokyo!I think that my friend, Toshi-San, should be the Ambassador of Park Hyatt Tokyo as it seems to be his 'hang out' place every time he is back in Tokyo. Therefore, there was no way I was going to miss this chance to see what it was all about! 
Photo Credit: Toshi
We were seated at The Peak Lounge, on the highest floor of the tower. We enjoyed a very relaxed evening, looking over the panoramic views of Tokyo all around us, while sipping tea and ... eating cake!  Yes, we had cake!! (Shamefully shaking my head in my hands! lol!)
Toshi's Banana cake
A Strawberry Tart to share between Hubby and I.
That concludes our very full day of eating in Tokyo. A very memorable Day 2 of our trip for sure, where I certainly ate to my heart's content! :) I am worried not to be finding my waist soon if we continue on this path but as long as this is bringing me happiness... I'm letting go! ;D haha!!

I hope you have enjoyed this post full of foodie stops in Tokyo! If you are planning a trip to Tokyo soon, I hope this helps guide you a little bit and of course, if you have any other recommendations for me, for my next trip, please do share!!! :D 

Thanks for reading!
Much Love xx


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