Wednesday, 25 May 2016
Right in front of our Hotel entrance in Hibiya was The Imperial Plaza and The Imperial Hotel. :)
We woke up to another beautiful sunny day in Tokyo with blue skies and no clouds in sight! We stayed local this morning, and had a walk around Yurakucho and Tokyo Station area, hunting for food (What else?) :p
Walking along the streets of Yurakucho.

On our way to Tokyo Station.

In front of Tokyo Station - The sign, I am told, says: Tokyo Station...  Is this correct? :p

The surprisingly beautiful entrance to Tokyo Station
First stop, the very famous Bento Shop inside the station. 
As soon as you enter, there is a big selection hanging on the wall for you to choose from.
Who needs a microwave when you have Japanese Heating Technology?

Selection of Yakitori to go...

Beautiful Golden Pastries.

We had no choice but to select the No.1 pastry to try!

And it was pretty good! Light and flaky, with a delicious beef filling.

After our morning breakfast stop at Tokyo Station, we stopped by the hotel to quickly check-out and left our luggage with the concierge for storage, so we could enjoy the rest of the day. 
Next stop : GinzaTo our surprise, as we approached the main road in Ginza, we found crowds of people waiting all along the roads, which were blocked off, all waiting for some kind of parade to take place. There was a feeling of excitement in the air and I was super keen to find out what was happening!
Starbucks in hand, standing in the blazing sun, we waited for the Parade to start...
Frist came the Pom - Pom Girls. :)
Followed by the Orchestra and then, many groups representing their musical bands walked by. 

Even Hello Kitty made an appearance!
As we walked down the main road, we saw more and more performers getting ready, waiting for their turn to join into the Parade, which was surely going to last all day!
By that time, we were feeling hungry already and decided to stop for some Tempura for lunch.We were greeted by the usual vending machine with only Japanese writings on it, but luckily there was also a set menu with pictures and numbers sitting on top, from which we could figure out what to order. lol! :p 
As it was quite late for a lunch, at some point, we noticed we were the only one in the restaurant! (^.^)
The set meal I had was delicious! A selection of vegetables and prawn tempura, that soft egg tempura, served over a bowl of rice, with miso soup, and a little side dish of salad. Yummy!!
After the quick lunch in Ginza, we decided to take the Metro to Shinjuku for a spot of shopping, since Ginza was a bit too crowded, especially with the Parade going on.
Loving the streets of Shinjuku.
Shinjuku, known as one of the largest shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo, was the perfect place to spend our last few remaining hours before heading to the airport. 
Hubby chatting with Officer LEGO :D 
After a short few hours of shopping, it was time for dinner. We stopped at a tiny restaurant located on a side street for something a little different...
A mixture of sliced wagyu beef and chicken left to sizzle on a hot stone/pan.
A little tip: The trick to sliced beef is to let it freeze for a few minutes before slicing them.
Once the meat is all cooked, sizzling away (releasing all the fat), place some onto a lettuce leaf, dabble some sauce on top and eat. A healthy-ish, carb-free dish which we enjoyed very much.
We also had some chicken and Japanese marinated soft boiled egg yakitori
And pan fried pork and vegetable gyozas.
It was a lovely meal, very different from what we have had the past few days. As we made our way back to Shinjuku Station, we made a quick stop at BAKE, for some much talked about baked cheese tart. 
Freshly baked each day with ingredients from Hokkaido, these cheese tarts made it big in Japan AND in Hong Kong, where I have seen similar shops popping up.
I had a taste of it and my verdict is that it is nothing extraordinary but still worth a try. 
It is a very smooth and fluffy baked cheesecake in a crumbly tart. What's not to like? :D It is pretty rich though and I was longing for some hot green tea after one. Don't be greedy ;p

Time to go now. 
Tokyo, you've been great! 
Thanks for having us and looking forward to coming back again one day!
Find out more about our Tokyo trip here:

Thanks for reading!

Much Love, xx


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