Monday, 16 May 2016
This is a different kind of post from my usual food related ones. 
As I was finishing unpacking this weekend, putting away my travel items, I thought I'd share with you the basic beauty products I use when travelling to Hong Kong or Asia (or to any sunny destination). They are very different from my usual ones for sure, as they have very high SPFs! That's one thing that you don't really need when living in London! :p
When travelling, looking good is certainly one of the difficult things to keep up due to jet-lag and usually not enough sleep. But with these little favourites of mine, my beauty routine when travelling is kept to a minimum and for me, they work wonderfully.

 First, only the best moisturising cream: Crème Divine from L'Occitane
I came to try this moisturising cream from L'Occitane, when they were giving away free samples in the Covent Garden branch. Once I tried it, I was hooked. Crème Divine is an unctuous cream which feels thick but when put on the skin gets absorbed very quickly and leaves a very comfortable non-oily texture on the face. I love it! I use it in the morning and also in the evening before going to sleep.
For short trips, I tend to re-use the little sample container by re-filling it from the bigger tub so I don't need to bring the heavy big tub with me. Super practical! :)
Some of the benefits of the cream is that it is meant to keep your skin youthful. It not only nourishes the skin but it also is meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles giving a firmer and more elastic skin. Finally, it should also reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone...  In summary, it is everything I need from a cream and so far, it is all working great for me so I'm happy!

Primer: Cyber White from Estée LauderNext is this cream from Estée Lauder which I use as a Primer. This is mainly for protection because of its high SPF 50+++ and the brightening UV protection function. I have been really good and using SPF all the time now because when I don't, I find that I get light sun spots on my cheeks,which get darker when I'm in the sun for long periods of time. Not Good news!
So here's my advice to you... Always use SPF creams when you know you will be in the sun! The higher the better! So when in Hong Kong, I definitely go for the highest I can find and this Cyber White cream does it for me.

Next, Foundation or BB cream? I'm a BB cream girl when travelling and this is my treasure.
Dior Snow - BB Cream - With UV protection and SPF 50+++
I never travel to Hong Kong without this BB cream and when I find that I am almost running out, I always get myself another one. It is the best BB cream that matches my skin and at the same time offers high SPF protection which I love. You can never have enough SPF on the skin especially when travelling to sunny places. I apply it using this foundation brush from Bobbi Brown and then a new beauty gadget I recently bought, the beauty blender to ensure smooth finish.

Lastly, for my cheeks: REVLON highlighting paletteI have not been using any blush for a while and instead switched to using bronzers. I'm currently using this little palette from Revlon and it's doing the job! I like that it has different shades of bronze and a white layer on top which I use as a highlighter. My blush/bronzer brush is currently this one from Chanel and I like how big it is because I tend to use it all over my face! I use it for powder, highlighter, bronzer...  all for a smooth finish! :)

Last but not least, every girl must always have a top make up remover with her because sleeping with make up on is a definite No-No! I can certainly not go to sleep without washing my face so this is my night beauty routine.Being the lazy type when travelling, often I would only use the Boots Cucumber cleansing wipes to remove my make up every night and it worked well. Or so I thought... Apparently, using a cleansing wipe is not enough. You need a proper make up remover, (especially for the eyes make up) to properly get rid of the layer of a full day's makeup and dirt from the face.
Not too long ago, my sister introduced me to the Bioderma, make up removing micelle solution and I'm still using the bottle she gave me. This is like a magic solution! Without too much effort, this solution cleanses your face and leaves it refreshed. I usually use 2 cotton pads for my whole face.
After removing my make up,  I then use the gentle foaming cleanser from Clarins to wash my face. I only use a little to wash my nose area which is usually oily, and my forehead. The T-Zone as they call it. Finally, once my face is dry, I will apply my Divine Creame from L'Occitane to moisturise my skin overnight.
This is it! My beauty regime when I'm travelling. :)
I would honestly not travel without these beauty basics in my bag!
I hope you have enjoyed this post and as I've said before, use SPF!!!

"Be good to your skin, as you will be wearing it everyday, for the rest of your life...  "


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