Friday, 20 May 2016
Yum Cha serves probably the most instagrammed dim sum in Hong Kong and I had the delight of experiencing it in their brand new branch in Central with hubby and my cousin, one lovely Friday afternoon.
Even before arriving in Hong Kong, I knew all about this new joint via instagram. 
The cute little emoji faces on a bright orange bun which starts oozing out a creamy custard once poked was all over social media, so there was no chance I would be in Hong Kong and not try it out! 
Knowing how popular this restaurant is, after confirming the OK with my cousin ,who like me, also loves food, I made sure I called to book a table for us. 
I guess when we arrived at 12.30, it was still a bit early and we were amongst their first customers to be seated. The place was oddly quiet with just a few tables still going through their menu or with a few dishes served, and I started wondering if a booking was even needed! Soon enough however, I was happy I did have a reservation, as the staff started turning away clients because most of their tables had already been booked! Pheww! :)  
So little advice, always call in advance to book a table at the popular HK restaurants or you will end up queuing up for quite a while before being seated.
Everything about Yum Cha was very cute! I loved their little bowls with the 3D fish at the bottom and also their twisted white Chinese spoons. These are the type of things I would certainly wish I had in my kitchen. :p
As we started ticking items off the dim sum menu, we seriously wanted to try everything on it but that, of course, was not possible. We picked the most popular ones for sure and we were very pleased with everything that came out from the kitchen.
The first item brought to us was a sweet one. Served in a little bird cage, 3 little pineapple puffs in the shape of cute birdies. How creative from the Chef! The puffs were still hot and even though I wasn't too keen to start on a sweet note, these bird puffs were pretty amazing! The pastry was soft without being mushy and the pineapple paste inside was just right, not too sweet, and went deliciously with the pastry.
This is the Pomegranate and curly Kale which was delicious. 
The light dressing here kept the dish fresh and yummy and very moreish.
The Pickled veg and silken tofu was one of the favourites. 
Served cold, the tofu was absolutely silky and the dressing that went with it was gorgeous! A seriously good dish which I will definitely recommend.
 Next we chose the Scallion Ginger Chicken. 
This is steamed chicken that has been marinaded in a scallion and ginger dressing which is also served cold. A beautiful dish with lots of flavours. I love steamed chicken and served with scallions and ginger, in my opinion, is the best combination. Oh and with the fried garlic of course! :) 
Our first steamed dish was the Shrimp and veg. dumplings.
I would say that this is the equivalent of Har Kaw, and this modern version simply has multicoloured skin with some gold dust sprinkled on top. Well done on the presentation side, but taste-wise, it didn't really wow. Now, this is making me wish we had picked something more different ... hmmm... Next time! 

And then finally the best bits arrived...First, the Doggy Sausage Buns.
They look more like Shaun, The Sheep to me and I keep telling people it's the sheep bun while Hubby keeps insisting that it is really meant to be a dog, according to the Chef's description on the menu. Oh well!Yes, maybe hubby is right ...but I am too! haha! What do you think? Sheep or Dog? :p
 The cutest of all buns for me was the BBQ Piggy Buns.
It was so difficult to eat this one because of how cute the piggy is... but hey... it's gotta be eaten!
So, you might think that because it is so pretty that the taste would usually not match up to the standard right? In this case, the Piggy Buns were pretty good.The bun was soft and the filling inside also did not disappoint. Like for all bbq pork buns though, my comment is always - "I could do with much more cha siu and sauce inside!" - and this was no different. I did enjoy the bbq bun and could happily have more if I could!
Little tip: Best to have them when still steaming hot. When it gets cold, it may not have the same yummy effect ;)
Finally the iconic emoji custard buns! They call it the Hot Custard molten buns.
As you bite into it, like lava flowing out of a volcano, the hot custard was jut oozing everywhere. Eat with your two hands so as not to lose any drop of it! :p Quite the experience and it is yummy too!We also tried the Green Tea Custard molten buns.
These were equally good and fun to eat! Being a green tea lover, this one was a winner for me :) I really liked the Green tea custard and this, I thought, was a nice finish to our meal.
But then we decided to try the dessert menu! :D Why not right? 
We would not be coming back so soon, so we might as well make the most of this visit!
We chose to have the '3 sexy desserts' package where we get to choose 3 desserts from the menu and get to try a little of each rather than the full dish each time. We picked the Pistachio White Chocolate, the Drunken Chocolate Ping-Pong and finally the beautifully presented Mango Sago Pudding + Cotton Cloud.The Drunken Chocolate Ping Pong was a novelty and pretty good. 
Overall, the desserts were all very interesting (especially with the blue cotton candy) but in my opinion, I would stick to the Dim Sum menu. I would have been happy with another of the Birdie Pineapple Puffs we had at the very beginning as a sweet ending! :p

If you're in HK, have you been to Yum Cha yet? 
It is certainly a place to try for the uniqueness of its menu and definitely if you are into food photography! Here, the camera eats first! Don't be shy ;)

I'm sure there are so many dishes I still need to try on a future visit, but so far, I was really pleased with our lunch! I just wished I lived in Hong Kong to be able to eat it all! :p

Thanks for reading guys and hope you'll note this down on your list to eat at when in HK!
Toodles xx

Much love,


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