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Forget dieting, forget healthy eating rules and just immerse yourself in the local food culture.  Hong Kong is a foodie's paradise and there is no way, one can truly experience Hong Kong without eating your way around the city!

 Let's start with Breakfast. And NO. I am not talking about Eggs Benedict or the fancy brunches buffet you can enjoy at posh hotels. I am talking about local cafés serving typical Hong Kong breakfasts including Po Lo Bao, Noodle soup, Macaroni soup and some of the best Scrambled eggs you will ever eat. :p

Here are my top 3 places to have a typical HK breakfast and I can assure you that you will love it! :) 

1.  Australia Dairy Company
I have read about this place on many food blogs and had to check it out.
We arrive around 10am on a weekday and as expected, there is already a queue at the door. This is normal for popular places in HK. Do not be put off as the queue here moves fairly quickly and for a seating of 2, we are quickly seated within hardly 10 minutes of waiting.
Peak time is during lunch time 12- 2pm, so avoid these times or be ready to queue up for 30-45 minutes.

Here, we share tables with another 2 people. Service is speedy and there is no fuss. If you don't read Chinese, it can take you a while to order but the waiters are understanding. If you have pictures of the dish you want from your instagram, just show them to the waiter and they will get it. Luckily for me, Hubby is fluent in Cantonese and orders for us.

We get the combo breakfast to share.
 Scrambled eggs, ham and toast - Macaroni with Cha Siu - And Ice Milk Tea

I have never been a big fan of scrambled eggs before but since being with hubby, I have been converted. I love scrambled eggs and this one is pretty amazing! Extremely soft and just melts in your mouth! I have made scrambled eggs many times before and have never reached this smooth consistency... yet... I got work to do! 
This is so yummy! So simple but so tasty. You definitely gotta try it when in Hong Kong.
The macaroni soup with cha siu is ok. Nothing to rave about as I am yet to get used to having macaroni soup as breakfast. :p Hubby enjoys it though, but the Scrambled Egg remain the Star of the show!
We then try the famous Milk Pudding.
It comes all white in a white bowl and looks somewhat very plain but take a spoonful and WOW! It is smooth, sweet and delicious. This is seriously good! You can have it warm or cold but as it is a very hot day, we picked to have it cold. This is also a must try for sure because you probably won't get this anywhere else and it is filled with Calcium and only goodness! :)
Our visit here is short but extremely memorable! How I wish we could eat more of that fluffy eggs but we need to save space for our lunch which is only in 2 hours away...  Aghh.
This place will definitely be a MUST GO every time I come to Hong Kong. I can't believe I am only discovering this place now!
Trust me. Note this down on your list to go when in Hong Kong.

Nearest MTR is Jordan - Exit C2
Head to Parkes Street and you won't be able to miss it.

2. Tsui Wah Bakery
Tsui Wah is a HK Cafés chain and it can be found almost everywhere around Hong Kong. I love the iconic tea cups they use and you will easily recognise a Tsui Wah just by seeing this cute little teacup on tables.
We are regulars at the branch in Sha Tin for breakfast and it gets the day started on a happy note each time!
A Po Lo Bao ( Pineapple Bun) with iced butter for me, noodle soup with beef for hubby and hot milk tea for both of us.
 I love having breakfast here because you are surrounded by mostly locals and it feels very authentic. Not to mention, it is cheap and cheerful! :) I love Po Lo Bao and I never fail to visit Tsui Wah every time I am in Hong Kong. The Po Lo Bao here is good. A soft bun and with a crumbly top. Served with a square of iced butter, make sure that that the Po Lo Bao is served hot so that the butter melts beautifully. Goodness all round! :)

Give it a try in the various locations around Hong Kong and let me know what you think.

3. Kam Wah Bakery
I am told Kam Wah makes the BEST Po Lo Bao in Hong Kong and I had to have it!
 We arrive at the Café and of course, it is buzzing inside and we have to wait a couple of minutes before getting a table. Again, we share a table with 2 strangers who are almost finishing their breakfast. I am so excited to eat their Po Lo Bao. The café is so busy that I keep seeing a little man going back and forth between the front serving area and the kitchen bringing fresh trays of Po Lo Bao each time and going back to the kitchen with empty trays. This is serious business!
 We get our hot milk tea first. The tea here is strong and you can feel the rich taste of the evaporated milk. This is how HK Milk tea should be. I usually don't take sugar in my tea, but in this case, you need it. Do it like the locals! A spoonful of sugar and this hot Milk Tea becomes extraordinary!
Po Lo Bao
 My Po Lo Bao arrives and it is hot! The iced butter is melting quickly and as I grab a bite, the crumbles of the crispy top are making a mess. A delicious Mess! :p
 This is absolute heaven! Hands down one of the best Po Lo Bao I have ever had!
Always make sure you are served the freshest hot ones as it makes a world of difference. Trust me!
Just by looking at the pictures, this is making me crave this Po Lo Bao again!! OMG! I want some right now!
French Toast
The French toast was gorgeous! Yes it is carbs, fat and sugar but who cares? The healthy side of my brain is saying "heart attack"!! And my belly is saying, you gotta eat this! Basically, this is a peanut butter toast, dipped in beaten eggs, deep fried and slapped with a slice of butter on top. Once served, take that maple syrup on the table and pour generously all over. This is how to do it.
You can now eat it and be amazed at how good it is! We will probably not have this again so we enjoyed it a lot! YUM!
As we walk out of the café, a fresh tray arrives and the lady is quickly serving them out while I take a quick shot of the Po Lo Baos on the tray. They are the most crispy Po Lo Bao I have ever had and will certainly be back for more! Next time, I will try the savoury option where I saw some having cha siu inside their Po Lo Bao. Crazy but sounds so good right?

Nearest MTR is Mongkok or Prince Edward
Walk towards 47 Bute Street

So this is my TOP 3 Places to have breakfast when in HONG KONG.
I hope you have enjoyed this little guide and that this will help you when planning your next trip in Hong Kong. And if you have any other recommendations for me, please do share by leaving me a comment!

I gotta find something to eat now! All these food pics have made me hungry!
Toodles!!! xxx


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