Monday, 23 May 2016
We landed into Tokyo on an early morning flight and first on our list was Tsukiji Fish Market, the biggest wholesale fish market in the world. We had definitely missed the very popular Tuna Auctions, which takes place at a very unreasonable predawn hour, but we were ready to trial out all the street food, and of course, only the freshest sashimi and sushi there was on offer.
The day we visited the market, being during the Golden Week, there was a big festival getting ready for what seemed to be a massive celebration on the grounds of Tsukiji Market. We had a stroll around and then stopped for an awesome breakfast at Sushizanmai.
The Grounds of Tsukiji Fish Market 
A very empty fish market once you miss the opening hours
We bumped into these little darlings on our way to the Market Area where all the restaurants are located.
Food stalls getting ready before the crowds of people arrive for lunch hour
How awesome are these crabs!Delicious marinaded and grilled scallops skewers. This was so good!

Sorry, didn't get the name of this place... but you won't be able to miss it I'm sure
These are really the BEST you will ever have!
We then went for our mid morning breakfast at Sushizanmai.Sushizanmai has now become a chain of sushi restaurants found all over Tokyo (and maybe beyond) but this branch at the Tsukiji Outer Market is the ultimate one! Not only for the freshness of the produce, (Fish Market at their doorstep) but also for the authentic Japanese service where the sushi is prepared in front of you. A great experience! It was a bit early for a full sushi meal for our belly but we enjoyed it very much.
Busy busy Chef always on a roll - with a smile! :) 
Red Tuna and Medium Fatty Tuna
The much craved Fatty Tuna / Toro Nigiri Sushi - You don't know unless you've tried it in Japan. ;)
We left Tsukiji Fish Market happily and with a heavy belly. It was now time to walk it off! We continued our day to Hama-Rikyu Gardens, a beautiful oasis of green surrounded by the skyscrapers of the city of Tokyo, which was not very far from Tsukiji Fish Market. A few minutes walk and we were there... There is a little entrance fee to get in but it wasn't much and very worth it.
After a lovely walk around the gardens, we made our way to the Hamarikyu Pier to catch the Tokyo Water Bus and cruise on the Sumida River, taking us all the way up to Asakusa, our next destination to visit Sensō-ji Temple. The Tokyo River Cruise usually lasts about 45 minutes and is meant to be beautiful going under 13 bridges etc..etc... But feeling the travelling fatigue by then, hubby and I had a wonderful 30min power nap in the boat! It was one of the highlights of the day to be honest. The cool breeze on this hot day, the gentle rocking of the boat, and our feet resting, it was the perfect time for some shut eye. :)
Our boat cruise pier at Asakusa
We arrived in Asakusa all refreshed and we did not regret missing out on the sights along the river! 
You can spot the Tokyo Skytree in the background on the picture above :D
Asakusa is the place to be to visit Sensō-Ji, the very famous Buddhist Temple, built in the 7th Century. It is not the best idea to be there during the very hectic Golden Week, but we made it there and swore to never do this again.
The place was crowded as from the Asakusa Metro Station. It was pretty manic as we moved along the streets and towards Asakusa Kaminarimon (The first Gate to Sensō-Ji). The best way towards Sensō Ji Temple is from this Gate, through to the famous street of Nakamise, known as the shopping street, where you can enjoy lots of interesting little shops selling souvenirs or very traditional snacks. This was sadly not our experience as we 'gently battled' our way forward just to get through...
In front of Asakusa Kaminarimon 
Nakamise Shopping Street
Some dressed up in their kimonos :p
Local snacks being sold along Nakamise
This is Hōzōmon, the second inner gate which leads to Sensō Ji Temple
In front of Hōzōmon - almost at Sensō - Ji Temple
Washing hands and mouth before going into the temple... One of the rituals you may want to follow.
Sensō - Ji Temple
Main worship area inside Sensō-Ji
The gardens around Sensō-Ji Temple
Keeping away from the crowds
Girls in Kimono photoshoot
Takoyaki - baby octopus balls anyone? :p 
After seeing what we came to see in Asakusa, the Sensō-Ji Temple, it was time to head to our next stop on today's schedule ... the Sumida River Park and then to the Tokyo Skytree... 
BUT... we were so exhausted by then that we decided not to kill ourselves on our first day in Tokyo and head to the hotel instead for some rest. It was a much needed rest before heading out for the night. :) 
We checked-in at Remm Hibiya Hotel.
Not sure what was going on near our hotel, but we arrived to see lots of young girls queuing up for something... We were so tired though that we could not care what it was for... (^.^)
Time to rest up now! 

Stay tuned for more details on our Tokyo Trip.
Thanks for reading.

Much Love,


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