Thursday, 23 June 2016
When I'm craving Niouk Yen, the place I go to is at Marcel and Sons. Where else? :)

Marcel & Sons have been trading for almost 2 years now and they have definitely won the hearts of many since their opening in September 2014. Run and founded by Andy & Randy, Marcel & Sons is a family affair bringing Chinese Mauritian comfort food to London, more precisely from The ArtWorks in Elephant Castle, where they are based. 
The menu is short but it has all you need for a beautiful little feast with lots of flavours! You get to choose between a selection of Bao Pao, Bol Renverse, and of course, my favourite, Niouk Yen.
 The "piece de resistance" is the Bol Renverse. Translated into English, it is the Upside down bowl. It is basically a bowl of light and fluffy rice, with a delicious chicken, shitake mushroom and chinese sausages sauce, turned upside down and topped with a fried egg. Not forgetting the delicious garnish of fried shallots / garlic, pickled cucumber and the Mauritian chilli aioli (Mazavarou).
 Here you go. Isn't this wonderful? It might look small when served like this in the take away container, but trust me, it is filling, especially if you are going to have a go at their Bao Paos too!
Bao Paos have gained quite the popularity in recent years and if you love them, then you have to try the ones served here at Marcel & Sons. They have a beef option or a vegetarian option (made from taro) and they are both yummy!

As I've said before, my favourite is their Niouk yen. (See first top picture of the dumplings) Steamed chayotte dumplings, which can be with meat or vegetarian, these are a Chinese Mauritian speciality. I can already feel my tummy growling by just looking at the picture coz they are so good.  (I could easily eat probably 20 in a go if you'd let me :p) Served as a side or a main, you gotta give it a try. With a sprinkle of fried shallots, fresh coriander and a dash of soya sauce... oh and of course the mazavarou aioli (chilli), these are so scrumptious and disappear so quickly. (-_-)

If you want to try it all, I recommend having the Combo special where you get all in for £10. You get a Bol reverse, 3 niouk yen and a Bao Pao of your choice. A fantastic combo if you are not the sharing type and want it all :p 

For drinks, you can pick between a home made Lemonade or Alouda. Alouda is a traditional Mauritian drink made from milk and basil seeds. Very refreshing and you can pick between Rose flavoured or Vanilla flavoured alouda. 

Finally, if you are lucky enough and they still have desserts available, I will definitely recommend having the homemade coconut ice cream. Served with a generous portion of pineapple compote (sooooo goooodd!!!!) and with crushed pistachios, these are a delight! 
Ok, this has made me very hungry now, so I'm going to end it here. :) 
If you happen to be in the Elephant and Castle area, Marcel & Sons is definitely worth a visit or if you are looking for some sunshine in your life, just go there for some delicious Mauritian comfort food and it will not disappoint :) 
 Oh and Did I mention they even won the TIME OUT London Love Award 2015 for London's most loved restaurant in Elephant & Castle? ;) 


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