Monday, 8 August 2016
If you have not heard of this restaurant yet, then i am pleased to be sharing this with you. Somsaa is a Thai restaurant not like any other Thai place. You will not be getting any pad thai or thai green curry here so be prepared to find a completely different type of Thai menu.
Somsaa started as a pop up kitchen at Climpson's Arch and became so popular that it made sense for them to open their own place located in Spitalfields. The fact that it has been super busy since their launch says it all. To experience what Somsaa has to offer, be ready to wait a bit to get a table!

We started at the bar when we arrived and soon after we got seated. Mind you, ... we arrived there pretty early around 6.15pm to be seated around 6.30pm. Come later, and you will need to leave your name with the hostess and then wait at the bar until it's your turn to be seated.
Everything on the menu sounded appetising but since we were just the 2 of us, we had to pick wisely... As per recommendations I found on instagram, we had the following... 
For starters, we tried the "Relish of Cornish Crab and fresh coconut cream served with fresh vegetables and herbs to dip" - The fresh greens we had on the day was green guavas, radish, endives and fennel. Really yummy when accompanied with the dip. It wasn't the best dish on the menu in my opinion but it was good. Quite a novelty. 
Next, from the Grill section, we went with the Mu Yaang - grilled pork neck with a 'nahm jim' dressing. This dish was so full of flavours. Not sure what exactly was in the dressing but it was fresh and tangy and I loved it! I even waited for the rice to eat this dish as I did not want the sauce to go to waste. :p So good! 
The one signature dish I came for was the "Nahm dtok pal thort" - A Whole deep fried sea bass with roasted rice and isaan herbs. It was fabulous. Super crispy, full of flavours (maybe a bit too salty for my taste) and the flesh was still soft in the mouth. Don't be put off by the sight of the whole fish head on the serving plate and just dive in :) 
Another dish we tried which is my favourite one is the "Gaeng Panang Neua Kem" - Panang curry of braised salted beef cheeks and thai basil. This is the best thai curry I've had. The flavours were out of this world (not too spicy thankfully) and the beef cheeks just melted in the mouth. An absolute winner for me. Went well with a bowl of rice!
This is it. Quite a fest for a dinner for 2 only but a really great experience. Service was also excellent and very friendly. We will surely be going back and bringing friends along so we can try all of the other dishes, or why not, the whole menu!! :p 
We also will ensure that we keep some space for dessert next time! I really fancied the Palm sugar ice cream with grilled bananas but there was really no more space left! Argh... Next Time!! 
If you fancy some Thai food that's different from the norms, definitely go to Somsaa! 

Hope you have enjoyed this post! I'm now craving for that Panang Curry!! Ahhhh!!!
Gotta plan my next visit soon! 


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