Friday, 23 September 2016
Sundays are for dim sum and today, instead of going to our usual dim sum place in Chinatown, we decided to stop at Yauatcha in Soho to make our day a little extra special. :) 
Collage from our previous visit at Yauatcha

Luckily for us, we were quite early and managed to get a table immediately (without reservation) when we arrived ...(trust me, this is pretty rare)... Usually, it is recommended to make a booking before heading there as they do get very busy as from 12.30 onwards... We start by having some hot Chinese tea to warm us up from the cooling temperatures in London and they also bring us some condiments on the table, including a little dish of pickled cucumber which were very nice.
If you are looking for really good (Michelin starred even!) dim sum, then hands down, this is the place to be. The dim sum here is truly outstanding compared to other dim sum places and it is worth spending that little extra (sometimes) to indulge in the variety of dim sum offered. Some of our usual and favourites are as below. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. :) 

Chinese Chive and Prawns Dumplings (One of my favourites)
Pork and Prawns Siu Mai (A Classic dim sum choice)
Wagyu Beef Puff ( For something special and different )
Curry Taro Croquette ( A twist brought to the classic Taro Croquette )
Shanghai Siew Long Bun - King crab and Pork (to eat with the ginger & vinegar accompaniment)
Prawn and Beancurd Cheung Fun ( One of the House Specialties - must try! )
Pork and Preserved Egg Congee ( One of the best I've had and I loved all the condiments! ) 
Spinach Ball with Prawn and Cuttlefish in Black Bean Sauce ( A nice combo ) 
Roasted Duck and Pumpkin Puff ( Lovely presentation and delicious as well! ) 
To end everything on a sweet note, our waitress kindly offered us some macarons on the house. Yum Yumm!! I always have space for dessert and the selection was just right. 
From top left going clockwise, Palet d'Or (chocolate heaven),  Apple Custard (lovely citrus-y flavour), Smoked salted Caramel and finally the Passion fruit Five Spice. 

Needless to say, other than the food, service is faultless and we could not have left the restaurant happier with our full belly! Thanks Yauatcha for always delivering at our every visit!! 

It will be hard not to come back so we will definitely be back sooner rather than later! :) 
I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you haven't tried Yauatcha, I would highly recommend to go for the Dim Sum. Their second branch is now open in City if this is more convenient for you. 

Thanks for reading and I hope I've made you hungry! ;p

Much Love xx


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