Friday, 28 October 2016
Ours Restaurant is a hidden little space in the heart of Knightsbridge and it was thanks to instagram that we discovered this little gem of a place and decided to visit.
It is certainly a very pretty place, nicely decorated with an outdoor theme brought inside - if you see what I mean... (sorry for the dark picture as it was hard to try capture a better light). You will simply have to go see for yourself, as in person it is quite an exquisite little place to have a drink and chill out. 
We started our meal experience with the 'Crab, Avocado, Apple' starter. 
It came like this ...   with the crab meat and avocado mix inside ... served on ice.
The 'Rabbit, Sauce Gribiche' then came along and got more attention for it looked much more appetising. :)  And it probably was! :p 
Little Tip:  Do ask the waiter to explain the menu to you before you order. The reason for this is because the menu looks more like a list of ingredients with no details of how they are prepared and put together. It was pretty strange but I guess this is the style they wanted it to be. So just ask them for a little more explanation :)
Next came our Mains. 
Some dishes of course needed no introduction: Truffle Tagliatelle 
 Lobster Tagliatelle
 Saddleback Porkchops, Burnt Apple Purée and Brussels Sprouts
 A family portion of Ratatouille to share (this was yummy!)
With some other side dishes to accompany our mains, Bon Appetit!
Overall we were not super impressed food-wise, but it was in a lovely environment and in excellent company! :) 

The decor, however, did make an impression with the flashing LED lights shining as below... 

I hear they serve a lovely Sunday Brunch too! Maybe for next time, we will go for the brunch rather than for dinner! :) 


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