Monday, 3 October 2016
This weekend, we travelled quite the distance (London to Berkshire) to meet some friends and try this much talked about Sunday Roast at Heston Blumenthal's Michelin Star Gastropub and Restaurant, The Hinds Head
Luckily, it was a beautiful sunny day and made a lovely day trip too! 

Located in the beautiful little town called Bray, The Hinds Head Pub dates back since the 15th century and was converted into a restaurant in the 1920's. It is only in 2004 that it really got on the map of the 'foodies' world' when reknown Chef Heston Blumenthal bought it over and got awarded a Michelin Star in the 2013 edition of the Michelin Guide. 
We were looking forward to our lunch for sure.

The Menu du Jour.

For starters, there was no need to think twice. 
 Have the Scotch Eggs made with Quail Egg. And Yes, One EACH :D
Then proceed with the Sunday Roast... 
Or try the Fish Option (The Whole filleted Plaice with Girolles)
Both dishes were fabulous.
Bon Appetit everyone! 
 Of course, one must try the 'Quaking Pudding' for dessert. A recipe from the Tudor Era, re-worked on by Chef Heston Blumenthal. Read about the history of this pudding here...
Or the deconstructed Bakewell Tart served with Yogurt Ice Cream is also very nice.
All cleared - thank you. 
We then had a lovely little walk by the river to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful view.
It does feel nice to get out of London sometimes :) 


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