Saturday, 5 November 2016
It is always such a treat when mum and dad come to London for a visit. 
I do wish sometimes that we would all live in the same country and see more of each other, but for now, we enjoy every little special moments we get together when it happens.

On their last visit (last month), we had a beautiful meal at Novikov (the Asian section of their restaurant) and here are the dishes that we tried, all fresh from their 'market place' display which is stocked early every morning with the freshest of produce.
We selected some starters:
 A very very Fresh selection of Sashimi
Simply Salted Padrone Peppers 
 Super fluffy Prawn Tempuras
Dim Sum style Black Cod Dumplings

Then came the other dishes...
 Soft Shell Crab 2 Ways - Maki  and with a Watermelon Salad 
 Charcoal grilled Asparagus
 King Crab Leg Wasabi Gratinated
Razor Clams with Garlic 
We also tried the Steamed Prawns, Fois Gras and Truffle dumplings, A Special Red Snapper prepared by the Chef and the Wasabi Prawns.

The freshness of all the ingredients used in each of the dishes were without a doubt the stars in each dish and we certainly all enjoyed the experience. Service was also impeccable and our waiter was great at explaining everything and taking us to their ingredients display and even in the kitchen! :) 

A great experience for sure and I hope this post gives you an idea of what to expect when dining at Novikov. :) 

I hope you enjoyed!
Lots of Love xx


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